A Hawaiian Airlines Flight Was Diverted Because Someone Threw A Fit Over The Cost Of A Blanket

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03.09.17 2 Comments

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Flights can be (and often are) a miserable experience. If there was a less paranoid and Greyhound-esque mode of transportation that could get us across the globe quicker we would use it. We don’t just yet, so it’s the destination that gets a lot of us through the crying babies, kicked seats and incidents where Richard Marx comes to our rescue. That’s the long way of saying please do not get a flight diverted in a power struggle over blanket costs. You can’t win. No one wins.

The Washington Post reports that a Honolulu-bound Hawaiian Airlines flight rerouted to Los Angeles after a 66-year-old passenger made a serious fuss over the price of an in-flight blanket. The site said the blanket was $10, but the customer was being charged $12. Things escalated to the point where the flight made an unscheduled landing.

“It was just a complaint about a blanket, about the cost of the blanket” Los Angeles Airport Police spokesperson Rob Pedegro told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. “He was upset about the charge for the blanket and asked for a corporate phone number. They provided him with it and (then) he said, ‘I’d really like to take somebody behind the woodshed over this.’ They diverted the aircraft because of that statement.”

One passenger noted that the booted blanket pricing advocate threatened to call the president over this. If he does have Trump’s direct line, we’d recommend putting blanket issues (WHICH ARE REASONABLE) on the back-burner to get some better answers about a certain executive order.

The woodshed challenge issuer was not arrested or charged.

(Via Washington Post)

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