Brussels Has Been Hit By A Multi-Site Terrorist Attack

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03.22.16 2 Comments

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(UPDATE: Please follow our continuing coverage with updates at the bottom of this post.)

A series of multi-site explosions has rocked the city of Brussels, Belgium, and details are starting to emerge. This photo shows the chaos unfolding where an explosion detonated at a subway station during rush hour. Police and firefighters responded on the scene where an investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, at least two other explosions hit the Brussels Zaventem airport where Reuters reports that gunfire was also heard. CNN adds that several people have been removed by stretcher with at least 11 people killed at the airport. CNN updates the total number dead to 26, which accounts for several killed at the subway station. Another estimated 130 people have sustained injuries at both locations.

The apparent coordinated nature of these explosions brings to mind last November’s Paris attacks, which killed over 120 people. Only last week, the eighth suspect, ISIS member Salah Abdeslam, was shot and captured in Brussels, which has remained on alert for many months.

Immediately following Tuesday morning’s violence, Brussels raised its terror alert to the highest level, 4. (Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw updated to label these explosions as “terrorist attacks.”)

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