A Charlottesville City Council Meeting Descended Into Chaos Before Members Voted To Drape Confederate Statues

News Editor
08.22.17 2 Comments

The above video shows the shambolic atmosphere that went down at Monday night’s Charlottesville City Council meeting. Business as usual wasn’t about to take place, for banner-wielding attendees demanded action over the murder of Heather Hayer by white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr. Hayer’s mother has refused to speak with President Trump over his response to violence that broke out after a Unite the Right rally, and these protesters — who chanted “blood on your hands” — demanded to know why the group was even allowed to march (and spread their racially-charged message) within the city.

The council meeting did start out in typical fashion, and NBC News notes that members appeared keen to avoid mention of the rally, but this tactic did not stand with protesters. Thus, the situation quickly escalated:

The agenda for the meeting — the first since the Aug. 12 rally — did not mention the rally or its aftermath. But angry residents and protesters took over the meeting, hurling expletives at the officials and dressing them down.

At one point, the mayor, vice mayor and three council members fled and two people holding a sign that said “blood on your hands” jumped on the chamber’s dais, NBC affiliate WVIR reported.

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