A Charlottesville Crowd Ejected A Nazi/White Supremacist Leader From His Press Conference While Chanting ‘Murderer!’

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08.13.17 15 Comments

Tensions remain at a boiling point in Charlottesville, Virginia after white supremacists/Nazis descended upon the University of Virginia this weekend. The situation turned violent when James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly murdered Heather Hayer while plowing a car into counterprotesters. On Sunday, the leader of the Unite the Right march, Jason Kessler, attempted to hold a press conference and was greeted by an angry crowd who chanted, “Shame!” Reporter Henry Graff of the local NBC affiliate tweeted the above clip.

More incredible videos follow. The Daily Beast reports that Kessler soon fled through the streets while seeking aid from the same law enforcement officers who he blamed for Saturday’s violence. Blake Montgomery of Buzzfeed News tweeted footage of the chaos from another viewpoint, which showed people shouting “Murderer!” before chasing Kessler away from the scene.

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