Watch CNN’s Don Lemon Shut Down A Panelist Who Won’t Stop Calling A Story ‘Fake News’

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02.20.17 6 Comments

Although we’re only a month into his administration, so far Donald Trump has not been a cheap president. Taxpayers have essentially been shelling out for three White Houses, including Trump Tower where First Lady Melania Trump resides with Barron which costs $500,000 per day to protect, and the so-called “Winter White House” Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump’s weekend jaunts tallied up $10 million and counting just three weeks into his presidency.

Given that Trump often criticized President Obama for taking vacations, this seems more than a bit hypocritical, as panelist Karine Jean-Pierre correctly noted during a CNN segment with Don Lemon late Friday night — also pointing out that Trump continues to profit off of his businesses while in office (Mar-a-Lago recently doubled its initiation fee). Lemon then turned over to conservative political commentator Paris Dennard to gather his thoughts on the subject, who responded bluntly: “I think this is fake news. This is not– this is not a news story.”

After some back and forth, Lemon asked his guest, “Okay Paris, let me ask you this … do you actually know what the definition of fake news is?” He went on to explain with this mic drop:

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