You Know What’s On A Comet? Enough Booze To Get The Entire World Wasted

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Good news from the world of science and astronomy: At least one comet in the universe is full of booze. And while we won’t be seeing it for another 8,000 years, it’s nice to know that somewhere in the galaxy there’s a shooting star producing more alcohol than you could ever drink per second.

Quartz reports that the comet in question is named Lovejoy and while it’s pretty similar to other comets out there (you know how comets are), this is the first time scientists have discovered sugar and alcohol on one. How much alcohol are we talking here? According to lead researcher, Nicolas Biver of The Paris Observatory, the comet was releasing the same amount of alcohol as you’d find in 500 bottles of wine.

But what does this mean for you, the person who won’t live another 8,000 years unless the Fountain of Youth is found within your lifetime? Well, more molecules means that there’s more evidence that life exists elsewhere in outer space.

“The result definitely promotes the idea the comets carry very complex chemistry,” said co-author Stefanie Milam, from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “During the Late Heavy Bombardment about 3.8 billion years ago, when many comets and asteroids were blasting into Earth and we were getting our first oceans, life didn’t have to start with just simple molecules like water, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen. Instead, life had something that was much more sophisticated on a molecular level.”

Listen, I don’t understand half of what that means, but if our alien overlords are bringing infinite booze with them when they come to take over, I’m all for it.

(Via Quartz)

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