Delta Airlines’ planes are full of rat sh*t


Traveling this weekend for the Easter holiday? Planning to fly Delta, by chance? As you probably already know, flying Delta is the worst, a miserable experience unlike any other, usually. So, in an effort to make flying with them even more horrific, apparently, Delta is going the extra mile by letting rodents roam free about the cabin.

Reports ABC News:

Rats may have become a real-life horror story for Delta Airlines. FDA investigators say they found “rodent excreta pellets” in some Delta planes.

The Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter on April 13 to Delta Airlines CEO Richard Anderson, citing violations found during an inspection that took place between January 26 and February 2 at a Delta hanger near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

“This clearly was an isolated incident and we cooperated with the FDA immediately to resolve it earlier this year,” said Delta’s director of communications, Ashley Black.

“Rats on a Plane” sounds like a damn solid Samuel L. Jackson vehicle to me!

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