Donald Trump And His Campaign Manager Finally Acknowledge A Breitbart Reporter’s ‘Delusional’ Claims

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03.11.16 5 Comments
Donald Trump Holds Press Conference To Announce Ben Carson Endorsement

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Between an endorsement from Ben Carson and his performance at the latest GOP debate, Republican front-runner Donald Trump has been dealing with another campaign issue altogether — violence. The presidential candidate finally acknowledged one particular incident between a supporter and a protester during Thursday night’s debate, though CNN anchor Jake Tapper didn’t press him on a related subject. That is, the claim made by Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields against Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. According to Fields and another journalist, Lewandowski viciously grabbed and removed her from a press conference after she asked Trump about affirmative action.

Aside from a lengthy statement by Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks, which denied Fields’ allegation and tried to discredit her reputation, neither Trump nor Lewandowski had officially commented on the matter. The campaign manager later tweeted a few articles that were critical of the Breitbart reporter Thursday evening, but nothing direct was said about the accusations… until now.

That’s because Fields appeared on World News Tonight to discuss the incident and the lack of response from the Trump camp. The ABC News report gave Fields broadcast airtime, which increased her story’s circulation and put more pressure on Trump, Lewandowski and everyone else who was involved. To add insult to injury, when asked what she would say to Trump if she had the chance to speak with him, Fields said she’d ask him to “imagine if I was his daughter.” How would the New York real-estate mogul react then?

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