Trump Aides Aren’t Too Happy About Don Jr.’s Emails: ‘It’s What We’ve All Been Dreading’

07.11.17 9 months ago 6 Comments

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Between former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine referencing “treason” and the general reaction to the published contents of his incriminating email chain, Donald Trump Jr.’s life went from bad to significantly worse in a matter of hours. While members of Congress, political pundits and journalists spend their Tuesday afternoon teasing the possible consequences of last June’s meeting with a Russian lawyer under the guise of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton, however, White House staffers are speaking up.

According to The Daily Beast, who spoke with several aides to President Donald Trump on the condition of anonymity, things aren’t looking too great for Don Jr. “This is sum of all fears stuff,” said one White House official who also admitted they were seeking a personal attorney as a precaution. “It’s what we’ve all been dreading.” As for whether or not any of the staffers contacted by TDB would be willing to offer the Trump family’s “Fredo Corleone” any kind of defense, nothing substantial was offered:

The Daily Beast contacted multiple senior White House staffers on Tuesday to solicit defenses of Trump Jr., even anonymously. Each individual immediately referred questions to Junior’s legal and public-relations team, emphasizing that the president’s son is not a federal employee.

Then again, the White House staffers’ unwillingness to defend Trump Jr. shouldn’t come as a surprise — not only because of his non-federal employee status, but also due to the fact that they so often call him an “idiot” behind his back. You broke your family’s collective heart, Don Jr. You broke their heart!

(Via The Daily Beast)

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