The Internet Was Amused By Donald Trump Calling Himself ‘The Least Racist Person’

Film/TV Editor
12.10.15 6 Comments

The one and only Donald Trump stopped by CNN for an interview with the one and only Don Lemon, and the two got on extraordinarily well. Lemon’s journalistic tactics are often designed to illicit a reaction, and Trump does the same thing every day, so there’s much in common here. Likewise, they also share the honor of being in the same room when the seminal “somebody’s doing the raping” quote dropped from Trump’s mouth.

So, while Trump’s fellow presidential candidates and the GOP members of Congress have largely moved to distance themselves from his anti-Muslim rhetoric, Trump still has an ally in Lemon. Sort of. Their union is based on symbiotic needs (approval ratings and television ratings, respectively), so they acted as a team during Wednesday night’s interview. The candidate who called for a U.S. ban on Muslim entry and doesn’t mind being compared to Hitler says he’s not racist at all:

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