Donald Trump Yearns To Play ‘Just The Tip’ With Republicans Again


Just a few days ago, mysteriously coiffed reality TV person Donald Trump broke the hearts of America’s tea party patriots when he announced that he wouldn’t be running for president — something anyone with an above room temperature IQ already knew. But now, apparently missing the intoxicating feeling of having the nation’s imbeciles hang on every word he utters out of his big, stupid face, Trump is signaling that maybe he’s re-evaluating that decision, much to the delight of anyone and everyone who gets paid to write jokes.

Reports NBC:

A week after ending his would-be candidacy, he said on Monday that he might consider getting back in later in the year if he doesn’t like the GOP field.

“Stranger things have happened,” Trump said.

After expressing deep dissatisfaction with what he sees as a weak group of Republican candidates in an interview on Fox News on Monday, the real estate developer and reality television star teased the idea that he could still get into the race.

“I would not rule it out, no,” Trump said on Fox News on Monday. “I can’t rule out anything. It’s vital that we choose the right person, and at this moment, I don’t see that person.”

“The ones that have announced, I just don’t see it,” he said. “At this point in time, they’re not going to be beating Obama.”

Haha, Donald Trump is like the abusive ex-boyfriend the GOP can’t quit, and vice versa. He’ll end up doing just he did the last time, scampering out of the room right before he sticks it in saying, “No, I’m sorry, I just can’t do this!”, leaving the Republicans naked on the floor, their gaping vagina quivering with ache. It’ll be so fun to watch, again.

When asked for his thoughts on Trump potentially getting back in the race, President Obama had this to say…

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