Advocate And Survivor Elizabeth Smart: ‘There’s No Justifying Sexual Violence’

10.15.16 1 year ago

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Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” has earned the chagrin from a number of people, with even some of his surrogate voicing their displeasure. One of Trump’s latest critics is Elizabeth Smart, who said the rhetoric that has stemmed from this “locker room” attitude is not justifiable.

In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Smart said the attitude that comes from Trump’s rhetoric perpetuates rape culture. Smart’s comments come on the heels of a number of Trump accusers coming forward. But Smart said having this attitude is doing a disservice to those who have lived through it:

“The worst part about it is listening to people trying to belittle it, just saying, ‘Well, it’s locker-room talk, it’s locker-room banter.’ Anyone belittling sexual violence, sexual abuse, they’re doing a huge disservice to victims of violent crimes, violent sexual abuse. There’s no justifying it — ever.”

Smart went on to say rape and sexual assault are not just isolated incidents and can be life-changing. Smart went on to say the best way to start educating people of the dangers of this language is to tell people at an early age to just say no.”

“I know I was raised to be kind, to be polite. You didn’t say no, you only said yes. I wish the word ‘no’ was emphasized. ‘No’ is a good word to say every now and again, especially when it comes to your personal well-being.”

Smart also elaborated on how her past experiences with rape and sexual assault are pushing her to educate people about the dangers of this rhetoric.

(Via Salt Lake Tribune)

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