Equifax’s Response To Their Massive Security Breach Has Been Almost As Unpopular As The Hack Itself

09.09.17 6 months ago 2 Comments

Getty Image / Equifax

Equifax is having — and exacerbating — all kinds of problems. Not only was it hacked, resulting in the theft of the personal info 143 million Americans, its overly complicated system for informing users if their data was stolen has gotten all kinds of clap back. Especially the poorly worded bit where Equifax seemed to offer users a look at whether they were hacked only if they waved their right to sue over the breach. That detail, which has gotten a little overblown in its rounds on social media, has inspired almost as much anger as the hack itself.

Equifax changed the language around the system to check whether you’ve been hacked or not, but the backlash is still unfurling. But there’s still plenty of problems. The site still doesn’t work very well. Some have noted that the domain name Equifax registered for people to check on their data should have been a subdomain of Equifax’s pre-existing site, rather than something that could appear to have been registered by hackers impersonating Equifax. Others have noted the site is buggy and doesn’t work very well, further frustrating people who are understandably really concerned about their data.

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