‘Facebook Killer’ Steve Stephens Has Been Found Dead From Suicide After A Brief Pursuit By Police

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04.18.17 6 Comments


“Facebook killer” Steve Stephens has been found after a nationwide manhunt. Despite reports Stephens had gotten as far as Philadelphia, it appears he only went as far as Erie, PA, before turning his gun on himself.

Erie police have confirmed that a body found in a white Ford Focus is the body of Stephens. Stephens was being hunted for broadcasting and seemingly perpetrating the murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. on a Cleveland street, in what appears to have been a random killing with no motive on Sunday. Stephens fled the scene and his cell phone reportedly offered its last contact with a network in Erie. It appears that once Stephens realized he had been found by police, he pulled over and shot himself rather than be taken.

This will end the manhunt, but questions remain about Stephens, why he chose to commit a random murder, and why he chose to broadcast it on Facebook for the world to see. What won’t be questioned is the pain felt by the family of Godwin, who have spent the last few days struggling with the death of a loved one broadcast around the world. Godwin’s family have said they’ve forgiven Stephens, but that’s just the start of what will be a long road.

(Via GoErie.com)

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