The White House Will Take Down Nearly Every Sunday For 12 Hours During Open Enrollment

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09.22.17 2 Comments

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When Obamacare’s website, first launched in 2013, the result was a cataclysmic disaster for the titular president and his administration. The digital embodiment of the Affordable Care Act managed to enroll six people out of over four million hits, and only 248 people in total were able to enroll the following day. The website launch was such a blunder, many were surprised then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump didn’t try to capitalize on it during the campaign. Regardless, now exists in a much leaner and more successful form — despite Republicans’ failed attempts to repeal it.

According to a slide from a Department of Health and Human Services president obtained by reporters from Vox and Kaiser Health News, however, Tom Price‘s outfit has scheduled what one former Obama official called an “abnormal” amount of website maintenance. The open enrollment period for 2018 will run for six weeks straight, from November 1st to December 15th of this year. Yet the presentation in question indicates there will be an “overnight outage” the very first day. What’s more, every Sunday except for December 10th during this period will see shut down for 12 hours, from 12am to 12pm ET.

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