Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech Caused An Outpouring Of Internet Emotion

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07.29.16 4 Comments

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Hillary Clinton made history on Thursday night by officially becoming the first female nominee for President of the United States from a major party. She took the stage in Philadelphia to formally accept the nomination while beaming with joy, relief and exuberance. The whole Democratic convention was having a ball, with Bill and Hillary mesmerized by the level of celebration they saw at the Wells Fargo Center:

I wish I loved anything as much as the Clintons love balloons. But party favors aside, the event ended with Clinton echoing the convention’s theme of unity, relating, “America would never be a nation where one person had all the power. Let’s be stronger together… make America greater than ever.” It was a poignant moment for all the controversy that occurred during the week and voters shared their enthusiasm with Clinton’s nomination:

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