Hillary Clinton Puts All Concerns About Her Health To Rest On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Entertainment Writer
08.23.16 8 Comments

Hillary Clinton came face-to-face with the rumors about poor health while chatting with Jimmy Kimmel during Monday night’s show. Instead of just scooting around the issue, giving a political answer, or just ignoring it — though I’m sure someone discussed it in depth before the show started — Clinton takes it on and puts the entire thing to rest.

She calls Trump’s “founder of ISIS” comment the most ridiculous part of the campaign, but the rumors of Clinton’s poor health might be the most obnoxious. It’s just one of those things that comes off as rude no matter what candidate we’d be talking about — like pointing out Trump is mentally ill would be in the same territory. It’s also buried under a ton of other non-controversies, leaving any real issues out of the public’s mind.

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