Jake Tapper Is Forced To Break His Vacation To Express His Disgust Over CNN’s Anti-Semitic Chyron Phrase

11.22.16 1 year ago 18 Comments

CNN / Twitter

Plenty of folks deserve a vacation following the election, even folks who work for CNN. Jake Tapper is one of those folks after he spent a good chunk of the election wading through the spin cycle from both sides every Sunday morning. So it’s typical that as soon as he goes away for the week, there’s a controversy surrounding his show and the endless reporting on the “alt-right.” If you didn’t know any better, you’d likely think the “alt-right” were just a bunch of white nationalists or Nazis. Tapper knows and called out some of the reporting we’ve been seeing on Sunday:

But then the folks at The Lead decided to do their own story and their take was a little more anti-Semitic than most would like:

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