Former President Jimmy Carter Is Under Medical Observation After Collapsing From Dehydration

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07.13.17 2 Comments

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The 39th U.S. president, Jimmy Carter, is currently recovering from a medical scare in a Winnipeg hospital after collapsing from dehydration on Thursday. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports that the incident occurred while the Nobel Peace Prize winner was hard at work building a house for Habitat for Humanity. Carter, along with his wife Rosalyn, have stood as the organization’s most famous faces for decades and tirelessly participate in the construction of homes. This morning’s hospitalization shows that Carter (age 92) may need to rest up, but fortunately, the Washington Post reveals that he’s on the mend after what sounds like a grueling several days of elbow grease, via a Carter Center statement:

“President Carter has been working hard all week. He was dehydrated working in the hot sun and has been taken offsite for observation. He encourages everyone to stay hydrated and keep building.”

A volunteer witnessed Carter’s collapse while he was cutting wood with a handsaw. At that point, he’d already been toiling away in July heat for an hour. He was quickly rushed to the hospital by firefighters and remains under observation, although he’s understood to have already moved offsite for continued medical attention.

Carter’s goals for this Canadian visit were ambitious, as he and Rosalynn hoped to oversee (and assist with) the construction of 100 homes this week. Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford told CNN that Carter is “okay” now, but hopefully, he’ll grab some needed rest.

(Via CBC, Washington Post & CNN)

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