Jon Stewart shines light on latest indignity suffered by 9/11 first responders


A few months back, the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart devoted a considerable amount of airtime to exposing the political game playing — largely carried out by Republican members of Congress, the same folk who have traditionally fetishized 9/11 and terrorism at the drop of a hat — going on with a bill to provide health care to ailing 9/11 first responders, people who were assured by the federal government that air at the World Trade Center was safe to breath, only that it, you know, wasn’t. In fact, it was downright toxic, and now many of these heroes are sick and dying of an assortment of ailments, most of them respiratory. So naturally this country pays them back by playing games with their lives, of course, but that came to end, or so we thought, due in no small part to Stewart’s efforts late last year — he even devoted the entirety of his final 2010 show to the issue.

So now some GOP jerkoff is demanding that we make sure all ailing firefighters, cops, medical personnel, etc. aren’t actually terrorists before we hand them over a check, a move Stewart called, accurately, a “final kick to the nuts.” Yeah.

“We just have to make sure you’re not a terrorist. Actually, you know who else has to go through that type of check to their money? Nobody,” Stewart said, noting that no one receiving just about any form of government assistance — even Wall Street robber-barons receiving bailout money — has ever had to pass a terrorist test to get a check.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

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