GoFundMe’s New Policy Prevents Kim Davis From Collecting Conservatives’ Cash For Her ‘Religious Heroism’

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09.03.15 30 Comments

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Kim Davis, currently the most famous bigot in The United States (congrats, Kim! You earned it!), is cooling her heels in jail after a district court judge held her in contempt of court for not complying with federal law. But if the embattled county clerk who’s functioning under God’s authority thinks she’s going to make some sweet, sweet dough from her time in the slammer, she’s dead wrong.

Unlike Memories Pizza, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars when they went under for their bigotry, Kim Davis is a little too late to the party. GoFundMe’s policy has changed, and according to Addicting Info, no matter how her supporters twist it, no money’s coming her way if the site upholds their policy.

From Addicting Info:

After watching several high-profile conservative faux-victims become millions from exploiting their site, the creators finally announced that enough was enough. In April, they announced that they would no longer certain types of disgusting campaigns from thriving on GoFundMe. More specifically – and this is where Davis gets screwed out of the millions surely waiting for her – the site has a specific policy about criminals:

‘Campaigns in defense of formal charges or claims of heinous crimes, violent, hateful, sexual or discriminatory acts.’

And from GoFundMe:

We are also informing users that GoFundMe reserves the right to share the content from a deleted campaign with law enforcement, donors or stated beneficiaries who wish to file a police report about any misuse of fundraising proceeds. The added language can be found below:

By using GoFundMe, Users are representing and warranting that all donations received are being given and being used solely for the purpose(s) stated within the content of the User’s campaign.  We reserve the right to provide information relating to your campaign with donors and beneficiaries of your campaign, and with law enforcement or to assist in any investigation.

As Addicting Info points out, Davis fits two of GoFundMe’s campaign deletion criteria. That makes it doubly impossible for her to gather enough money to pay her salary for a year, or her bail, or that new boat she’d probably really like at the end of all this. The only thing Davis can hope for now—besides the media completely forgetting her—is a book deal. But look on the bright side, Kim. At least Mike Huckabee thinks you’re cool.

No active campaigns for Davis have been found on the site.

(Via Addicting Info)

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