Former CIA Director Leon Panetta Has Strong Words For Trump’s Comments On Russia

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07.27.16 2 Comments

Leon Panetta laid out some strong words for Donald Trump earlier on Wednesday following the Republican candidates comments on Russia at a press conference. That’s likely why his speech at the Democratic National Convention featured plenty of tough talk on the national security credentials of Hillary Clinton. Panetta apparently updated his speech following today’s comments, dropping in a few barbs at Trump’s claimed experience.

Panetta runs down the list of claims from Trump, including his desire to target the families of terrorists, using the Miss Universe pageant as an example of foreign policy experience, and his comments on Russia and the DNC Leak from earlier in the day.

The crowd gets a little rowdy during the speech, with some Sanders supporters preaching “no war” during this section of the convention. But it seems to be on the Anti-Trump side when it comes down to the one candidate against the other, especially considering how Panetta said that Trump was not qualified to be president based on today’s comments.

It wasn’t a barn burner of a speech, but it was certainly the first that addressed the most recent Trump controversy. It’s likely to get much harsher from here with the biggest speakers yet to come.

(Via CNN)

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