Some Of Marco Rubio’s Delegates Are Unbound And Being Wooed By Crafty Ted Cruz

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04.14.16 2 Comments
Marco Rubio Holds Campaign Rally In Tampa

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In mid-March, Marco Rubio left the presidential race with a final kick from Donald Trump after losing his home state of Florida. He’s been around, most recently on Wednesday, when he clarified comments about Ted Cruz. Rubio had casually mentioned how only Cruz “fits the criteria” for president, but he wanted to make sure no one misinterpreted that as an endorsement. This Republican race is uncomfortable in that way, for politicians are hilariously dancing around their preferences, lest they make the mistake of influencing a huge swath of voters. He also reminded the press that he won’t be anyone’s vice presidential candidate, and he intends on finishing this senate term and becoming a private citizen. We’ll see how that goes.

Since Rubio’s departure, there’s been some debate on what will happen with the 173 delegates he captured. Some states will allow these delegates to fly elsewhere while others require delegates to stay bound to the withdrawn candidate. In late March, Rubio pulled an unprecedented tactic by refusing to allow his delegates to be released. This was interpreted as an effort to stall Trump’s march to the nomination, but unfortunately, folks seized on how Rubio misspelled “United States” in his letter to Alaska. Was this intentional? The states are awfully “untied” right now.

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