Trump Supporter Martin Shkreli Showed Up At Chelsea Clinton’s Apartment Building To Make An Ass Of Himself

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09.11.16 10 Comments

Man, Martin Shkreli’s had a busy week. The pharmaceutical troll first tried to pick a fight with Patton Oswalt and failed miserably before popping off at Chris Evans in a ridiculous rant that included a threat to toss “a couple of f*ckin roundhouses” at the man who plays Captain America. If you thought Shkreli was going to rest up over the weekend, you were sorely mistaken.

Noted Donald Trump supporter Shkreli already pledged his “unmitigated endorsement” to the Republican nominee, and he’s not about to let his candidate down. When Shkreli heard about Clinton’s abrupt departure from the 9/11 Ground Zero ceremony this morning, he hit the streets. The “overheated” Clinton recovered at the nearby apartment of her daughter, Chelsea, and when she emerged, Shkreli was waiting. He posted the above video on Twitter with a caption that read, “Me yelling stupid stuff at Hillary.” He can be heard shouting, “Are you alive? Do you need Pharma Bro’s help?” Yes, he’s calling himself “Pharma Bro” now.

Generally speaking, Shkreli’s claims are limited to Twitter rants, so you’d be forgiven for assuming this never happened. But he really did show up outside of Chelsea’s apartment. Journalists saw him outside acting like a tool and duly posted the evidence on Twitter.

CNN’s Dan Merica noticed Shkreli in all his pointy glory.

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