Mika Brzezinski Says Kellyanne Conway Is No Longer Welcome On ‘Morning Joe’

02.15.17 1 year ago 6 Comments

It has not been a banner week for Kellyanne Conway, who has seen her credibility, which was already on shaky ground, continue to deteriorate when she was grilled by a hardball-throwing Matt Lauer, of all people. And the Trump aide definitely didn’t gain any points back by retweeting a white nationalist on Twitter, which she later denied doing.

Many have called out for networks to stop giving her a platform to spew her misinformation altogether, and now MSNBC is acting on it. On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski announced that as long as she’s around, Conway will no longer be welcome on their program, and in the process revealed how Conway gets herself booked on so many networks to begin with.

After rolling the Today clip with Lauer, Brzezinski told viewers, “Joe was just saying she books herself on these shows, we know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show. I won’t do it, because I don’t believe in fake news, or information that is not true, and every time I’ve ever seen her on television something’s askew, off, or incorrect.”

Later, Joe Scarborough explained further why Conway can’t be trusted. “It’s actually the same thing I’ve heard since Donald Trump was elected, by his top aides, and again confirmed it last night,” he said. “She’s out of the loop, she’s in none of the key meetings, she goes out and books herself often…” He added that Conway will often wait until something is said about her on TV before calling and trying to book appearances to defend herself.

“And again, I don’t even think she’s saying something that she knows to be untrue, she’s just saying things just to get in front of the TV set and prove her relevance because behind the scenes — behind the scenes she’s not in these meetings, and any reporter can ask anybody in that White House and they will say the same thing!” But the real question, Scarborough wondered, is why Trump continues to keep allowing her to appear on these programs to begin with.

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