Governor Mike Pence’s Campaign Plane Slid Off The Runway At LaGuardia Airport

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10.27.16 2 Comments


During a rainy landing on Thursday night in New York, Mike Pence’s official campaign plane (a Boeing 737) reportedly slid off the runway at LaGuardia Airport. While similar things have happened before during routine landings, the fact that the plane was carrying a Vice Presidential nominee and his designated group of press makes this far more out of the ordinary than a normal airline slip up. NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard, who was aboard the plane at the time, tweeted that the governor stood up immediately to make sure all passengers were okay and that nobody was injured.

There is no telling exactly how far the plane slid off the runway, but the airport is infamously surrounded on most sides by the East River and a variety of bays, which planes have come close to completely sliding into before. Another NBC News correspondent, Peter Alexander, confirms that there are emergency crews on site.

A FOX reporter on the plane named Dan Gallo tweeted that the incident was the “craziest landing any of us have experienced” but confirmed that the Governor is safe.

LaGuardia airport is currently closed until further notice due to the “poor visibility amid the rain” (but also probably because of this high-profile accident), reports NBC New York. NBC also states that the flight from Iowa to NYC ended in a “rough landing” in which the pilot had to slam on the brakes and “travelers could smell burning rubber.”

We will update as more information comes in, but in the meantime everybody continue making the same exact “this is a metaphor for the Donald Trump campaign” joke.

UPDATE 9:20pm EST: LaGuardia airport has reopened to plane traffic, and photos of the runway damage are making the rounds. Pence’s plane sure did a doozy on the tarmac.

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