Details Behind El Chapo’s Capture Emerge As He Returns To Same Prison He Escaped

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Drug Kingpin Joaquin 'Chapo' Guzman Recaptured in Mexico

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As was reported on Friday, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was captured by Mexican authorities after a shootout that left several dead. Now that he is in custody, more details are trickling out about the operation that finally brought him to justice. This includes his return to the same prison that he originally escaped back in July.

The first detail of interest involves how Guzman’s scent was picked up by the authorities. It seems that he had a great desire to see his story join the likes of Narcos and he was actively seeking actors and filmmakers to produce a film or television series about his life according to The Guardian:

He was so serious about a movie that he attempted to contact producers and actresses through intermediaries after escaping, Gómez said Friday night, before his perp walk at the Mexico City airport. Those attempts came to the attention of the authorities, letting them know that he had returned to his old haunts in the rugged Sierra Madre – an area so impenetrable, it has been compared to the Tora Bora caves of Afghanistan.

“He established communication with actors and producers, which formed a new line of investigation,” Gómez said. Investigators, she added, tracked the movements of Chapo’s lawyers and their meetings with potential participants in a biopic.

Not everybody believes the Mexican government’s story on El Chapo’s capture, with Mexico City sociologist Rodolfo Soriano Nuñez saying, “Why would a drug lord call attention upon himself when he is hiding? It makes no sense,” according to the same report.

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