Hillary Clinton Squeaked Past Bernie Sanders To Win The Nevada Democratic Caucus

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02.20.16 5 Comments
Democratic Presidential Candidates Hold First Debate In Las Vegas

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The Nevada Democratic caucus saw such a tight race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that results were too close to immediately call after doors slammed shut. Also complicating matters? People were still in line when the caucus was scheduled to close, but anyone in line by noon would still be allowed to caucus. Nevada was predicted to be a squeaker, and although Clinton was long ago presumed to take the easily state, Sanders’ rise — along with a “virtual tie” and a Sanders win in New Hampshire — proved anything can (and will) happen in the race to take the Democratic nomination.

About ninety minutes after the caucus doors closed, CNN projected Clinton as the Nevada winner with a narrow lead. Once 68% of the results trickled in, CNN called the state as a clear win for Clinton with 52.3% and Sanders with 47.6%. Bernie Sanders took the initial news well with a vow to wind up and prepare for the upcoming Super Tuesday fight.

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