OMG Look At This Giant Chunk Of Hail!


Jesus Christ look at that thing! How’d you like that dropping from the sky onto the top of your car as you’re running from a freakishly large killer tornado?! More hellstorms swept across the nation’s heartland late yesterday and last night, wiping out towns in Oklahoma — where the chunk of hail above was found — Kansas and Arkansas and killing at least 12. Is this all due to climate change? Some people think so! Should we all be thinking about building hellstorm bunkers right about now?

Things got so worrisome in North Texas at one point last night that officials evacuated the attendees of the Texas Rangers game into the stadium’s tunnel though the dugout…

And I don’t care what anybody says, this, THIS, video — taken near Piedmont, Oklahoma last night — is the most frightening storm-chaser video I’ve ever seen. Good luck not sh*tting your pants when you watch it.



(via Producer Matthew)

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