Mike Pence Expresses Disappointment Over How He Was ‘Misled’ By Michael Flynn

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Vice President Mike Pence, for the first time, publicly addressed National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation. Pence said he was disappointed with Flynn “misled” him regarding his calls to the Russian ambassador over sanctions, and Pence reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump on the matter.

Trump lashed out at everyone following Flynn’s departure. He appears to blame U.S. intelligence and the media while trying to shift the blame to “leaks,” but Flynn didn’t go there. Speaking with NATO Security General Jens Stoltenberg, Pence confirmed his loyalty to Trump, but was disappointed Flynn lied to him:

“Let me say I’m very grateful for the close working relationship I have with the President of the United States and I would tell you that I was disappointed to learn that the facts that have been conveyed to me by General Flynn were inaccurate.”

Pence went on to say he has the upmost confidence in the intelligence community and touted Flynn’s decorated resume. Pence wasn’t going rogue, but it’s another example of him cleaning up after Trump and doing a little gaslighting in the process. During the same news conference, Pence said the White House is still for a “free and independent press,” despite Trump calling it “the enemy of the American people.” Pence seems to be treading lightly, which is probably the wisest approach while Trump takes shots at everyone.

(Via Mediate & Politico)

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