Philippines President Duterte Threatens To Leave The UN Over His Controversial Drug War

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If you haven’t been following the news around Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, the “Trump of the East,” you’re missing out on political theater mixed with wild west ethics. Duterte served as mayor in Davao City for two decades and took on the presidential role back in June. Since then, he’s been spearheading a violent and controversial war against drugs that is raising eyebrows according to CNN:

The crackdown since Duterte took office in late June has seen over 650 police killings — deaths Duterte and his top police officer, Roland Dela Rosa say are justified self-defense killings — alongside as many as 900 unexplained murders perpetrated by suspected vigilantes.

Duterte has also publicly accused dozens of officials and politicians of being involved in the drug trade.

One of the biggest critics of Duterte’s campaign has been the United Nations, calling for an end to “targeted killings and extrajudicial executions” by the government and noting that claims the killings are justified due to the illicit drug trade are false.

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