Portland’s Right Wing Free Speech Rally Sees A Huge Counter Protest Featuring Arrests And Ice Cream

06.04.17 10 months ago 43 Comments

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A week after the fatal stabbings of two men who were trying to stop an extreme right-winger from harassing a teen in a hijab, a protest called “Trump Free Speech” was met by a veritable army of counter-protesters. With the city already tense following the pair of stabbings, the rally was the first since Jeremy Christian, the suspect in the murders, attended a Portland protest in April while making Nazi salutes and shouting slurs, and this was seemingly not forgotten by the counterprotesters.

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The Patriot Prayer protest, which was held elsewhere in the city, also saw a slew of counterprotesters that held signs saying, “Dear Jesus, your sheep have strayed” and “your racism is not patriotism.”

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