‘Preacher’ Co-Creator Steve Dillon Passes Away at 54

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10.22.16 10 Comments

Steve Dillon/DC Entertainment

Steve Dillon, comic book artist and Preacher co-creator, died at the age of 54. The Hollywood Reporter said news of the artist’s death was announced on Saturday morning in a tweet by his brother Glyn. Dillon died in New York City, but no other details have emerged regarding the circumstances of his death.

With Preacher being a smash hit on AMC, many may know Dillon as the co-creator of the comic alongside Garth Ennis, but the English-born artist’s work has spanned across five decades. Dillon got his first big break at 16 drawing for the debut issue of Hulk Weekly for Marvel UK. His resume only grew from there as he lent his art to stories for Doctor Who Weekly, 2000 AD, Warriors and the Alan Moore series Miracleman.

But he may be remembered best for his work with Ennis. The two co-created the immensely popular Preacher series and worked on Hellblazer and had a fantastic run on The Punisher. The comics community and beyond have reached out with their condolences:

Along with his artistic talents, Dillon also was the co-creator and co-editor of the British anthology series Deadline with Brett Ewins in 1988. The series saw work published from Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewitt and was the first home to Tank Girl.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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