Rand Paul’s Neighbor Has Pleaded Not Guilty To Assaulting The Senator During A Dispute

11.09.17 2 years ago

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Dr. Rene Boucher, the Rand Paul neighbor who allegedly assaulted the GOP senator over a “trivial dispute” pertaining to the two’s property, has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault at his arraignment in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Sen. Paul is still recovering from the incident and is not expected back soon in Washington after suffering six broken ribs and bruising as well as fluid-buildup in and around his lungs. The lawmaker has reportedly hired a personal injury attorney to file a damages claim.

In an interview after the court appearance, Dr. Boucher’s attorney Matt Baker said that “we should believe” Jim Skaggs when pressed for a motive for the attack on the senator. Skaggs, another neighbor who sold both men their homes, did not witness the attack but has said that Sen. Paul and Dr. Boucher, an anesthesiologist and “pain specialist,” have been arguing about each other’s lawn maintenance for years.

“It was absolutely and unequivocally not about politics, not about right verses left and not about Democrat versus Republican,” Baker said.

Curiously and without additional comment, Sen. Paul tweeted links on Wednesday to stories from Breitbart News and the Washington Examiner that “report” that the attack was entirely politically motivated by Sen. Paul’s conservatism and pro-Trump stances.

While Dr. Boucher only faces a misdemeanor charge at the moment, he could potentially face both felony and federal charges as the investigation progresses.

(Via CNN)

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