Rudy Giuliani Sputters And Struggles While Chuck Todd Dismantles The Duplicity Of His Trump Defense

News Editor
10.09.16 6 Comments

Chuck Todd was absolutely giddy on Sunday’s Meet The Press at the prospect of meeting with the last Trump surrogate standing. Is that an exaggeration? Todd points out how Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway pulled out of speaking with Todd after Trump’s hot mic lewd statements surfaced. Likewise, RNC Chair Reince Priebus withdrew from multiple talk show appearances because — seriously — who wants to try and defend “grab them by the p*ssy“? Even Chris Christie is like a vapor trail when he’s been perfectly happy to defend Trump on every other subject. But Giuliani insisted there’s no problem here, for “I was the one who was selected for the show.” Right.

Well, Giuliani’s experience in slugging it out on his own has gone poorly. Earlier on Sunday, Jake Tapper called the former NYC mayor out for claiming all men talk like Trump behind closed doors. With Todd, Giuliani tried to deflect from the whole hot mic scandal by rambling about how Trump will fix taxes (although he barely pays them himself), terrorism, and rising crime. In response, Todd completely dismantled Giuliani, which we’ll discuss in a moment, but this Vine right here is important to see. This shows the difficulty in defending Trump right now, boiled down to Giuliani’s Sunday series of sputtering reactions.

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