Donald Trump Picks Rudy Giuliani To Lead A New Cyber Security Advisory Team

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01.12.17 7 Comments

Former Secretary of State hopeful Rudy Giuliani re-entered the political spotlight on Thursday when he announced he would be coordinating a new cyber security group for Donald Trump’s administration. Giuliani broke the news during an early morning visit to Fox & Friends, which was followed by an official press release from the Trump transition team with additional details about what the working group will entail. Considering the ongoing role played by the alleged election hacking by Russia in the current news cycle, Giuliani and the transition team’s joint announcement seems timely enough. The details, however, are curious.

As Giuliani explained on Fox & Friends, Trump “wanted to bring in, on a regular basis, the people in the private sector — the corporate leaders, in particular, and thought leaders in the private sector — who were working on security for cyber because we’re so far behind.” Trump and his advisors apparently “believe a lot of the solutions are out there,” Giuliani added, but “we’re just not sharing them.”

The press release said much of the same, albeit in a more erudite manner:

The President-elect’s intent is to obtain experiential and anecdotal information from each executive on challenges faced by his/her company, how the company met the challenges, approaches which were productive or successful, and those which were not. The attendees may or may not change from session to session, but the specific agenda subjects will likely change because of the rapidly evolving field of cyber security, and frequent developments, both positive and negative. No consensus advice or recommendations resulting from group deliberations or interaction is expected or will be solicited.

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