Sarah Palin Says Megyn Kelly Should ‘Humbly’ Withdraw From The Fox News Debate

01.28.16 3 years ago 10 Comments

We finally have Sarah Palin’s take on Donald Trump withdrawing from tonight’s debate. Set aside some time, because the former Alaska governor and VP candidate wrote a loooong Facebook post about it.

She addresses Megyn Kelly at the very end, in a PS that doesn’t mention the Fox News anchor’s name.

Is it just me, or if a debate host has made himself or herself the principal in a story they’re expected to objectively cover for the edification of the public, and they even acknowledge they’re the reason the frontrunner chooses not to participate, then isn’t it common sense (and courtesy to the voting public) to simply, humbly allow someone else to moderate the debate?

Who should that person be? Someone who wouldn’t dare question him about his disparaging comments toward women? Does Palin mean Kelly’s claims in Vanity Fair that Trump tried to “woo” her when he first decided to run? Whether true or not, it seems like Trump himself has done a bang up job of keeping that in the news.

But according to Palin, Trump is the only candidate with the guts to stand up to the press and their spin machine. “Feel free at last, electorate!” she writes. We’ll definitely feel free to continue to enjoy this feud.

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