Sean Hannity Defends GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore And Earns A Stiff Response From Jake Tapper

11.09.17 1 year ago 11 Comments

The defense of GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore following the release of a Washington Post report alleging he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl seems daunting, but it has begun. Several of Moore’s supporters are beginning to speak out for the already controversial candidate, with some even using Nativity story to give Moore the benefit of the doubt:

But the most prominent defender following the release of the extensive WaPo report has been Sean Hannity, using his radio show and Fox News spot to craft a defense of the former judge with the support of those at Fox News. On his radio show and in the clip above, Hannity spoke out in support of Moore and brought into question the allegations against him, calling out the existence of false accusations and saying Moore’s relationships were consensual:

HANNITY: There are false allegations made. You know, I can tell you another thing that is a common practice, people make a allegation at, for example, big corporations. Big corporations, they make a business decision, “Alright, if I pay $200,000, this goes away, okay, you’re out of here, we’re done with you, it’s all over,” even though they don’t believe it happened.

But then they’re going to have somebody that comes in and says “This is going to be the cost of litigating this,” and the person — the other — the accuser’s attorney is going to work pro bono, and that means “for free,” and they’re going to see this to the ends of the earth unless they can get out, and blah blah blah blah. That happens too, and other people just do — do some people do it for political reasons?

How do you possibly tell, know the truth, except — okay, so, the two other girls were older in this case. He was apparently, like, 32, and he dated — one girl was 18, one girl was 17, they never said he did — there was no sexual — there was kissing involved, and then they’re saying this one encounter with a 14 year old —

MCLAUGHLIN: And it was consensual —

HANNITY: And consensual, that’s true. And there’s, you know — I just — I don’t know how you find out the truth.

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