Sean Hannity Suggests That CNN, NYTimes, And WaPo Should All Lose White House Press Credentials

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11.14.16 12 Comments

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Following the victory of Donald Trump, his informal advisor, Sean Hannity, is all for certain media outlets to be banned from the White House. The Fox News host agreed with a Twitter user’s assertion that CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post should have their White House press credentials revoked.

The topic of press credentials comes as the Donald Trump camp chose not to include a small pool of reporters and photographers to accompany him during his first visit to the White House. Hannity himself appears to be alright with this type of action continuing, as he has been an opponent of several media organizations. On Sunday, the Fox News host also criticized CNN anchor Brian Stelter for using the term “national emergency” to describe the surprising presidential election outcome.

Stelter and Hannity had been bitter rivals during the campaign season, with Hannity even threatening a lawsuit against him, as reported by The Wrap.

Hannity remained one of Trump’s staunchest supporter during the campaign season, sticking by him through thick and thin. The Huffington Post reports some rumblings of Hannity being considered to run the Federal Communications Commission, but Hannity has dismissed those notions.

(Via The Wrap & The Huffington Post & The Associated Press)

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