Shocking study finding: Mac and PC users are quite different

04.22.11 2 Comments — whose stated purpose is to “build a ‘taste graph’ of the entire web” by “combining algorithmic machine learning with user-curated content,” whatever that means — did a study using data culled from users of the site that basically confirms every perceived stereotype of Mac people and PC people that has ever existed.

Using data culled from a survey of 388,315 of the site’s users (Hunch users are typically quite tech savvy early adapters, mind you), Hunch — which recently confirmed just about every email user stereotype that has ever existed — “found that people who choose one or the other — and 75 percent of the 400,000 people we asked did self-identify as either more Mac or PC — exhibit very distinct demographics, personality traits, and aesthetic/food/media choices.”

Among the most notable, yet somewhat predictable findings were:

• Mac users skew younger. The survey finds that people between the ages of 18 to 34 are 22% more likely to be Mac users, while PC users are more likely to be 35 to 49.

• The majority of Mac users identify themselves as liberal, while only 36% of PC people do so.

• 67% of Mac users have at least an undergraduate degree. For PC users that ratio is 54%

• Mac users are more likely to label themselves as “unique and different” and as “design enthusiasts.”

• Mac people are 50% more likely to say that they frequently throw parties.

• If given the choice between reading the New York Times or USA Today, the majority of Mac people would choose the Times, while the majority of PC users would choose USA Today.

• The majority of Mac people would choose a Vespa over a Harley, while PC people would go for the Harley.

• When dining out, Mac users tend to favor international foods like hummus, Bánh Mi and shawarma, while PC users favor classic American food like sandwiches.

• One of the few commonalities between the two is that both Mac and PC people count “The Office” among their favorite TV shows.

So in short, Mac users tend to be more progressive, better educated, party a lot and are more cultured than PC users, while also being a little full of themselves. That all sounds about right.

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