‘Sh*t My Dad Says’ Dad Reacts To Show’s Canceling


On his Tumblr blog, Justin Halpern — the guy behind the funny “Sh*t My Dad Says” Twitter feed that was turned into a bad CBS sitcom, details his father’s reaction to the news that the show had been canceled…

“My show got cancelled,” I said.

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line and I wasn’t sure if he heard me. I was about to say it again, when he spoke.

“Well. F*ck. Sorry to hear that, son.”

“Eh, it’s okay. It happens. It was crazy I got a show on the air in the first place.”

“Well, I liked it. It was kind of sh*tty at first, but I thought it got a lot better. You know what show I like? Cheers. That was a good show,” he said.

“That was a good show,” I said, wondering if that was part of a larger point he was about to make.

“Also I liked The Simpsons. At first I thought, it’s just a stupid cartoon for pants-sh*tters, but I was wrong, great show.” (Pants-sh*tters is how my dad refers to toddlers.)

“Well, I just wanted to let you know. I know you’re busy so I’ll let you go,” I said.

“I‘m 75. If you’re busy when you’re seventy five, you fucked up the first seventy five years. I want you to know that I’m proud of you. You didn’t put a bullet through Bin Laden but I’m proud of you. You’re a bust-ass kid.”

“Thanks,” I said.

(Sniffle) I blame William Shatner. Regardless, go read the rest.

(Via Magary’s Twitter)

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