Melt At This Puppy’s Smile Of Joy As Firefighters Come To Its Rescue

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As any veterinarian worth their animal-specific stethoscope can tell you, dogs do not belong anywhere near flames. Come to think of it, only stuntpeople and your chosen NBA Jam lineup would be advised to be on fire. The rest of us (both humans and animals) aren’t built for that sort of thing, so let’s gaze upon an ultra-happy pup that was beaming with joy when the fire department came to this adorable pooch’s rescue.

A series of none-more-cute pictures popped up on the Providence Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page featuring a puppy being taken to safety from an apartment building in Parkville, Md. Thankfully, the blaze was contained and we’ve been given a charitable stockpile of snaps of the cheery furry face from the firefighters on the scene. Let’s get some TGIF studio audience level “awwwww!” action on the go!

Five alarm cute!

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