Stephen Colbert And Al Gore Get Sensual While Spreading Awareness About Climate Change With These Pick Up Lines

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07.29.17 6 Comments

With Al Gore’s sequel to An Inconvenient Truth about to be released, the former presidential candidate has been making the media rounds. He sadly didn’t bring his beard with him, but he did bring plenty of information on climate change and a few stories from his days in politics. Gore also helped Colbert put together this short piece for his Friday show, providing the world some of those sultry, sensual, and charming pick up lines we’ve come to know and love over the years. Not only did he win the popular vote, with these he’s also won America’s heart.

Times have certainly changed since Gore was spearheading the hearings on explicit lyrics in music for his wife and the PMRC. For all we know, “Darling Nikki” is on repeat in the Gore household at this point. It’s a little odd to see the former vice president tossing out pick up lines, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. We know he’s poked fun at himself quite a lot in the past with appearances on 30 Rock and Futurama. It’s just hard to think about Sexy Al Gore.

He wasn’t the only one who appeared in a more laid back for Colbert. Charlie Rose returns as Chuck Rosé with a new album and an album. If it’s not a surprise to think about Gore as a bit of a chuckle bug, it’s really not a surprise that Charlie Rose would have an alter ego that’s a smooth and sexual master. We’ve seen his work on CBS This Morning.

(Via The Late Show)

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