A CNN Anchor Asks Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg If He’s Drunk: ‘I Have Smelled Alcohol On Your Breath’

News Editor
03.05.18 3 Comments

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg introduced himself to cable news viewers on Monday, and he’s already notorious. At warp speed, Nunberg gave multiple bonkers cable news interviews to complain about receiving a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and Nunberg insisted that he wouldn’t cooperate with turning over emails or report again for grand jury testimony. He pledged allegiance to conspiracy theorist Roger Stone and acted manic, and as CNN’s Erin Burnett tells him in the above clip, sources close to president Trump stated that Nunberg may be under the influence. Burnett bluntly repeated their claims: “You’re drunk or off your meds.”

To this, Nunberg replied that he “didn’t care” what anyone in the White House thought of him, and he proceeded to continue delivering a 30-minute, rambling interview. Yet in the below clip, Burnett leveled with him: “I have smelled alcohol on your breath.” Nunberg flatly denied the accusation.

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