Trump Took To Twitter To Rant About Don Jr. Being ‘Scorned,’ His Sinking Approval Rating, And Hillary’s Emails (Of Course)

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07.16.17 9 Comments

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President Trump’s still steamed about how people care (a lot) about Don Jr.’s Kremlin-linked attorney meeting, which keeps on dripping information about a growing number of attendees. What matters most, of course, is that Don Jr. agreed to attend because he believed that the lawyer had damaging information (from the Russian government) on Hillary Clinton. Well, a few hours before the president’s lawyer made the talk show rounds to blame the Secret Service and complain about a lack of FBI investigations into the Clinton campaign (with a handy rebuttal from Jake Tapper), the president looked up from his weekend at the U.S. Open to make the same sort of complaint.

Yes, the president is still fixated upon Hillary’s emails … eight months after his win. Not only that, but Trump dropped the “33,000 emails” figure that he curiously began to tweet shortly after Don Jr.’s June 2016 meeting in question. Trump’s also upset that Don Jr. is “being scorned” by the press, and he denied Russian collusion while slamming “fraudulent reporting,” which he believes will be the death of democracy.

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