President Trump Has Begun Preparing For An Interview With Special Counsel Robert Mueller

04.06.18 12 months ago

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As special counsel Robert Mueller continues to circle several people in President Trump’s inner circle, the question of whether or not Mueller would question the president has remained unanswered, despite the President’s public claims that he would gladly sit for an interview. According to a White House official, Trump has begun to prep with his legal team for an interview, but it’s not a done deal just yet.

One source familiar with the proceedings stressed the preparation efforts is “in its infancy.”

The preparations have been short and informal and included going over potential topics with the President that Mueller would likely raise in an interview, the people said.

The President has not formally agreed to sit for an interview with Mueller.

News of the preparations is a sign that the interview could happen, but there are still plenty of people close to Trump that think he could commit perjury during questioning.

According to CNN, as more and more people have been indicted as part of the special counsel’s investigation, Trump has privately wavered in his commitment to interviewing with Mueller “depending on the day.”

In January, President Trump declared that he’d be having an interview with Mueller in “two to three weeks,” but his lawyers Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow have yet to finalize a deal (whether the interview will be conducted under oath, etc) with the special counsel’s office. The negotiations likely hit a snag in March when attorney John Dowd resigned from the President’s legal team and has yet to be replaced.

Privately, President Trump is said to have grown obsessed with the investigation and more and more agitated that the counsel’s probe has not concluded.

(Via CNN)

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