Trump Attacks Jeff Sessions For Being ‘Very Weak’ As A New Report Hints At The Attorney General’s Firing

07.25.17 8 months ago 14 Comments

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Less than 24 hours after he publicly bemoaned his “beleaguered” attorney general for not pursuing Hillary Clinton’s supposed crimes and ties to Russia, Donald Trump attacked Jeff Sessions for his “very weak position” on the matter. “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!” he tweeted. In a previous post, the president attached the official Twitter handle for Fox News personality Sean Hannity, a vocal Trump supporter.

Whether Hannity had recently discussed apparent “Ukrainian efforts to sabotage [Trump’s] campaign” and “boost Clinton” on his program remains to be seen. Considering his most recent monologue‘s focus on challenging Americans to stand up against the so-called “Deep State,” however, it’s highly likely Trump took his latest attack cues from Hannity when tweeting against Sessions. Though it’s not like the president required any additional prodding, as his disappointment in the attorney general was made crystal clear when he recently decried Sessions’ recusal from all things Russia.

What’s more, a new report by the Associated Press indicates Trump’s ire against Sessions has ruined their professional relationship so greatly that the president is considering the possibility of firing the former Alabama senator. According to the report, the discussions between Trump and his advisors haven’t advanced beyond anything more than simple talk. With tweeted insults like “beleaguered” and “very weak” piling up, however, the possibility previously denounced by analysts is looking more likely with each day.

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