Donald Trump: ‘Most Of The Powerful Men Running Companies Are Having Affairs’

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Transcripts from Donald Trump’s mid-2000s radio show, Trumped!, have surfaced recently, and they read like a long-form version of his Twitter feed. Trump used the show to discuss celebrity gossip and sports, recap The Apprentice, and give his takes on surveys and studies like in the episode “Why Men Don’t Listen.” As we’ve come to expect from Trump, there are plenty of juicy — and downright outrageous — quotes.

This isn’t, of course, the first time Trump’s disparaging comments about women have come to light. A recent New York Times piece extensively catalogued many of his creepier moments, and earlier this year, an anti-Trump ad used footage of his own words to incriminate him. Loyal daughter Ivanka Trump is still a staunch supporter of her father, telling the Sunday Times of London, “My father is a feminist.”

Trump never shies away from talking about sex:

“Sex is the most fun of all. Now there’s a topic I know a lot about … sexy women. They’ve caused me a lot of trouble.”

He had to weigh in on the marital strife between Sienna Miller and Jude Law:

“A survey by the Wall Street Journal Europe found that if you’re going to cheat on your spouse, you might want to consider moving to Britain. Seventy percent of Britons said infidelity can be forgiven. I guess I haven’t gone out with very many British women.”

He did not believe a CEO should be fired for cheating, as most CEOs are cheaters:

“As you may know, Boeing chief executive officer Harry Stonecipher was asked to resign after having an extra-marital affair with a female executive who was a lot younger and fairly attractive. It’s highly unusual that someone in his position would get fired for an affair, especially when it was consensual. No one was coerced, no one got a better job, more money, or any of that stuff. If you really did a poll, I would bet you most of the powerful men running companies are having affairs.”

And Trump was adamant that Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston:

“Jennifer says she chooses to believe Brad’s comments that he didn’t cheat on her before they were separated. Jennifer, don’t be a dope. Believe me, he cheated.”

Interestingly enough, Trump devoted an episode in 2005 to pondering whether Hillary Clinton would run for president in 2008 — and whether the country was ready for a woman to be president. “According to a new poll, more than 80 percent of the voters say they would vote for a woman president in 2008,” he said. He then encouraged Clinton to give a presidential campaign a shot after calling her “a really, really great person.”

Trump added: “I know one thing. If I saw somebody that I liked and if she were a woman, I’d vote for her right away.”

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