Trump’s Transition Team Has Yet To Communicate With The Pentagon, State, And Justice Departments

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11.17.16 15 Comments

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Donald Trump did not happily greet Tuesday evening’s reports of his transition spiraling into chaos while losing a top national security advisor. The turn of events also included a statement that the transition was already a full month behind schedule, but Trump quickly took to Twitter to deny everything but a “very organized process.” He tried to make it seem like he was simply being secretive about his cabinet “finalists.”

Then Trump must have stewed for several hours because, sure enough, he rallied for another one of his famous, 3:00am Twitter sessions. He insulted the New York Times for their report on his transition turmoil and tweeted, “It is going so smoothly.” He argued that he’s in communication with many foreign leaders and that the NY Times is full of “fools.”

The NY Times continues to report on Trump’s disorganized method of planning a presidency, including how the transition team is operating out of Trump Tower with no contact where it matters most. As in, the team hasn’t been in touch with the State Department or Pentagon or even the DOJ:

In the flag-bedecked lobby of the State Department, next to the main reception desk, there is a sign that says “Transition.” It has been quiet. The State Department confirms that, like the Pentagon and the Justice Department, it has not heard from anyone on President-elect Trump’s team, a week after the election. “We have not been contacted,” said John Kirby, the State Department press secretary.

The Washington Post confirms that contact hasn’t been established, but the transition team is thinking maybe it should happen by Friday. Tick tock. Meanwhile, CNN has been relaying more chaos, including how Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, is raising hell as the “center of infighting.”

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