Twitter users more prone to masturbation, failed relationships

04.19.11 8 Comments

You probably knew this already, but, according to a sex study by the Daily Beast using data culled from OK Cupid users, Twitter users masturbate more than non-Twitter users, and their relationships don’t last as long as the relationships of non-Twitter users. Does one have something to do with the other? Probably, though there’s no data around to positively link the two. Yet.

Reports the Daily Beast:

All the data (used to compile the charts), even the most personal stuff, has been gleaned from real user activity on OkCupid. Some of it our users have told us outright by answering match questions; some of it we’ve had to learn from observation…If someone tweets every day, it’s 2-to-1 that they’re #ingthemselves just as often. Like the “shorter relationships” thing, this is true for all age and gender groups…Frequent tweeters have shorter real-life relationships than everyone else, probably via some hack. Unfortunately, we have no way to tell who’s dumping who here; whether the twitterati are more annoying or just more flighty than everyone else.

What I’d really like to know is how often Twitter users make sweet love to themselves while thinking about other Twitter users? Not that, um, I’ve ever done that or anything.

“Ohhhh, @omgitslexi just @ replied to my shout-out to her!” (Drops pants, reaches down…)

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